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12th June 2012

12-June-2012 0:00
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by Admin

This rain is proving to be a bit of a pain now - we have only got 7 summer jumpers, but they all want quicker ground. Millers Reef was entered yesterday for Newton Abbot, but that went soft, heavy in places, and so we are hoping to go to Hereford on Thursday where the ground is currently good to firm - however I am a little surprised to see that they are watering, and I hope they are right, as it would be truly annoying to find they get the rain that everyone else seems to be getting, and then it turns soft there as well....

Jon Hughes popped in last week and we finalised a concept that Jon has been concocting called "Owners for Owners". The website is well worth looking at, and fingers crossed it can put like minded owners together for plenty of fun and success over the coming months and years. The website is