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Monday 11th May 2020 - the fallout from Boris' speech last night.....

11-May-2020 20:11
in General
by Admin

As I'm sure you've all seen by now but the government has planned for sport to resume in its 2nd phase of lifting the current lockdown measures, and that unfortunately includes racing. So flat racing won't resume until at least 1st June. We're told jump racing is still set to resume on 1st July.

To that end we'll delay bringing in some of the horses, and instead concentrate on the 15 summer jumpers we currently have in.  They all had the best part of April off in the paddocks, so we've just started them all back cantering, and I'm planning on having them ready for early July...... Meanwhile, the majority of our team of horses will remain in the fields, and the majority of our team of staff will remain on the furlough scheme.  We are living in unprecedented times, and we're all making sacrifices, but we'll get through this and come back stronger than before.