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Saturday 4th April 2020 – no jump racing until July.

04-April-2020 13:26
in General
by Admin

In the light of the coronavirus outbreak and the shutdown of jump racing till July, we have dramatically scaled back activities here at Folly House in order to look after our owners, our staff, as well as our horses. When racing resumes, we need owners and staff so I've completely backed off everything and turned everything out - we only rode out three horses this morning when it would normally be 50.

We're lucky, we're on the back of a good season (46 winners from our 50-box yard) but we've cut as many costs as possible to save owners' bills. We've taken advantage of the furlough scheme in order to guarantee their incomes and their jobs.  We're all going to take a hit but if we look after the people that matter to us, you'd like to hope that they'll look after us when it all resumes.

We should have been up at Aintree today to see our Grand Sefton winner Hogan’s Height running in the Grand National, and instead he is in the field, and we’re all eagerly awaiting the virtual race!   At least we’re all fit and healthy, and look forward to life post coronavirus.