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Kick-starting the New Season

15-September-2021 16:56
in General
by Admin

The new season is off to a flying start, with 17 winners already, including a history making first winner on the flat for Jamie. A quick introduction to me - I'm Emily Shepherd, Jamie's new assistant trainer and I joined the team in mid-September. I have worked in racing for just over 4 years, whilst also completing a degree in Bloodstock and Performance Horse Management at the Royal Agricultural Universty, achieving first class honours and gaining the top mark in my year, whilst working pretty much full time in racing! I have been involved in horses from a very young age and racing has always been a passion, so after a brief stint as a Chef de Patisserie in Paris, I found my way into racing!

Moving on, this week has seen the inaugural National Racehorse Week, with yards up and down the country opening their doors to allow members of the general public a glimpse behind the scenes, including ours. We welcomed around 100 visitors to the yard on Sunday, and were proud to show the care and love these horses recieve on a daily basis. This is a great initiative to demistify the industry to the outside world, and show how well these animals are looked after. It is also nice for the staff to take pride in their hard work and show it off for everyone to see. There is lots going on this week so have a look at the National Racehorse Week website to keep updated, and don't worry if you missed the chance to come and have a look round the yard, there will be plenty of updates and behind the scenes action from both the staff and horses throughout the season. Stay tuned!