Sole ownership

Sole ownership involves an individual or family that will be closely involved in any decision making related to their horse. Choice of colours and naming of the horse (if not already named) will fall to you. The associated costs of the horse and its training will be your responsibility, yet so will all the prize money.


Co-ownership of a racehorse involves more than one person. There are 4 different types of co-ownership as listed below:

1. Company Ownership This is a way of using your company to own a horse. It is a great way of advertising your company or perhaps a way of bringing company members/employees together. You can name the horse after your company providing you buy a horse that is un-named. You can also run a horse that is named but owned by your company name. For example, you can call a horse Allied Carpets, or, for example, a horse could be owned by Silver Cross Prams

2. Joint Ownership This type of ownership involves between 2 and 6 people. The horse or horses can run in either a joint ownership name e.g. J.E.Ward and J.E.Snowden or a partnership name e.g. Ultra Klass Racing

3. Racing Syndicates/Partnership This form of ownership involves between 2 and 20 people of which 2 must be registered owners. It is also quite fun thinking of a name, for example 'The Wife Loves It' is an example of one of our partnerships.

4. Leasing This form of ownership avoids a capital outlay for a racehorse. It can be set up for a certain period of time, perhaps one year or season, sometimes even longer. Usually it is a stud that wishes to see one of their off spring run while not having the burden or cost of training fees. This way when she has retired from racing they can breed from her. Free leases can either fit into sole ownership or co-ownership. 


Racehorse Owners Association 

Whether its sole ownership, joint ownership or a syndicate you’re involved in, I would highly recommend becoming a member of the ROA. I’ve listed just some of the many perks you will receive by becoming a member:

•             Free racecourse admission

•             SIS owner-sponsorship scheme

•             Priority owners car parking label

•             Third party liability insurance

•             20% discount on most BHA registration fees

ROA members also have the opportunity to win a bonus of £2,000 on top of prize-money in our weekly ROA Owners Jackpot races. 

Check out  for more information.

Racing Clubs

 These have become a very popular way of dipping your toe in to the water. There are several different clubs at varying entrance prices. They are not an independent form of co ownership. Therefore by joining or becoming a member of a racing club you will receive all the benfits of that club but you are not entering into racehorse ownership yourself. We currently have the 'Jamie Snowden Racing Club' offering places.



Jamie would be delighted to visit the sales to purchase horses on behalf of customers or just help owners with their choices.

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