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30-August-2019 17:07
in General
by Admin

I was lucky enough to be sent on a trip to Europe in search of some euros over the weekend!

On Sunday the 25th Fact of the Matter and I set off for Belgium with transport being supplied by my father, Philip. Door to door it only  took  6 hours, which was handy as ‘Matt’s’ favourite game is kick the wall of the horsebox for the entirety of the journey.  Everything went so smoothly with him, he ate, drank and slept and didn’t panic when the groundsman at the racecourse decided to use an enormous bowser to spray water over the stables with no warning! The weather was beautiful whilst we were there and race day hit a high of 34c! Luckily the racecourse supplied the lads leading up a bright orange polo shirt with our number on the back so it looked like the Dutch football team had all got into racing!!

Matt ran admirably after missing the start and, having to effectively race on his own for the first half of the race, flew home  strongly to just fail in catching the David Pipe runner for 4th. The lad who took David’s was a French guy named Guillaume so I was quite happy to put the French I’d spent so long learning while living in Paris to good use.

Hopefully Matt will enjoy another trip soon.